Speaker on Adoption Topics

Dr. Chaitra Wirta-Leiker

I’d love to share my unique “trifecta perspective” with you—as a clinician, adoptee, and adoptive parent!

I’m a licensed psychologist specializing in adoption, trauma, and racial identity development, and I have a literal lifetime of experience with adoption – as an international and transracial adoptee from India, adoptive parent to a child from Ethiopia, and professional who has worked in the adoption community since 2002.


Some of the topics I typically present:

  • The Seven Core Issues in Adoption (both strengths AND struggles!)
  • Supporting Adoptee Psychological Needs through Early Adulthood
  • Promoting Healthy Racial Identity in Transracial Caregiving
  • Talking about Race and Racism in Developmentally Appropriate Ways
  • Responding to Racism
  • The Hierarchy of Transracial/Transcultural Needs for Adoptees & Fosterees of Color (based on my proprietary adaptation of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs)
  • Transracial Caregiver Anti-Racism Journeys
  • Building Adoption Narratives
  • Talking about Difficult Birth Histories and Family Dynamics
  • Navigating Connections in Open and Closed Adoptions
  • Responding to Adoption Questions
  • Understanding and Supporting Adoption Trauma
  • How Trauma Impacts the Adoptee Brain and Implicit Memories
  • Nurture & Discipline Strategies that Promote Healthy Attachment
  • Preparing for Birth Country Visits
  • Mixed Emotions about Adoptee Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Holidays

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Upcoming Speaking and Training Engagements

Feedback from Speaking Engagements

“If you care deeply about broadening your perspective and helping others create a path toward healing, then look no further. Dr. Chaitra has proven to be an exceptional leader and expert in her field, helping us all learn, grow and develop the courage we need  to have difficult but necessary conversations.”
—STACY BURRELL, Raise the Future

“Dr. Wirta-Leiker's concise, comprehensive workshop provided participants with solid, well-researched information on this critical topic. She covered more ground in two hours than many presenters do in a half-day. Her charismatic presentation was both lively and compelling; a real call to action in the ongoing fight to quell racism and support diversity in both our work and personal lives.”
—JOHN DANDURAND, Executive Director, Human Services Network of Colorado

“As both a parent of a TRA and a clinician, I found this really helpful both for specific suggestions and broader concepts, as well as information about ongoing resources to access.”

“Her information was so clear, so affirming and so practical. Plus her experience as both a transracial adoptee AND as an adoptive parent offer great insight. Phenomenal training.”

“This is a very specialized topic that I have been needing and waiting for, but never able to find until now. Thank you for providing this opportunity. The speaker had great information and clearly understands how to effectively teach it to therapists so we can begin using it immediately.”

“As a fellow TRA (also from India), I was so happy to see this training. When I took [classes before], I actually asked many questions related to transracial adoption and unfortunately, the speakers weren't able to speak to that due to the level of specialty and how much time it would take to delve deeper. I hope to see more trainings like this one. Thank you for sharing your personal story and insights.”