Marie Discovers Her Superpowers

Written by Dr. Chaitra Wirta-Leiker

Illustrated by Penny Weber

Marie doesn’t want to go back to the park after a family of strangers asks too many personal questions about her adoption. Her mom introduces her to Dr. Chaitra, a therapist who is a transracial adoptee just like Marie. In therapy, Marie learns that adoptees have the power to handle those pesky questions in very special ways . . . but does she feel ready to return to the park?

Paperback ISBN: 979-8-9869471-0-5
Ebook ISBN: 979-8-9869471-1-2

Editorial Reviews

“Dr. Chaitra writes a story that not only helps young adoptees feel seen and known, but also gives them (and their grown-ups) very practical tips and scripts for how to respond to the ever-so-common intrusive questions that come from both loved-ones and strangers. Marie is the expert and the boss of her own adoption story! This gorgeous book will empower other young adoptees to know that same truth about themselves.”

ROBYN GOBBEL, child & play therapist, host of Parenting After Trauma podcast, author of Raising Kids with Big, Baffling Behaviors: Brain-Body-Sensory Strategies that Really Work

"I'm so thankful Marie takes us with her to her therapy session so other adoptees can learn how to respond to the complicated moments about being an adoptee. It's a treat to see a children's book that focuses on empowering adopted youth to take control of their own narrative."
ANGELA TUCKER, author of You Should Be Grateful: Stories of Race, Identity and Transracial Adoption

A Personal Note To Parents (and Professionals)

Dear Parents (and Professionals) Like Me,

My lived experiences give me the benefit of a shared perspective with your child as an adoptee, with you as an adoptive parent, and with your child’s mental health provider as a professional. I want to use my insights to help you connect more effectively with the young adoptees in your life. I created a Parents (and Professionals) Like Me resource guide for each book as a tool to grow your knowledge of adoptee experiences and needs. These guides will help you build your vocabulary of adoption and emotional concepts, use language that supports developmentally appropriate conversations, and provide you with ideas for interactive activities to expand your confidence in navigating adoption-related situations.


Dr Chaitra
Parent Resource Guide for Marie Discovers Her Superpowers

Marie Discovers Her Superpowers
Parent Resource Guide (Free)

Listen to Dr. Chaitra on the Parenting After Trauma Podcast

Host Robyn Gobbel and Chaitra Wirta-Leiker discuss the therapeutic value of Marie Discovers Her Superpowers and the Adoptees Like Me book series in this podcast segment titled "Helping Kids Discover Their Superpowers."


What are adoptees and parents saying about Marie Discovers Her Superpowers?

"We watched and listened [to Dr. Chaitra’s book reading] as a family and absolutely loved every word. Every page is filled with excellent advice and makes the reader / adoptee feel empowered and seen."

"My daughter was engaged the entire time and I could tell from her body language and facial expression that it really resonated with her."

"The book helped my foster child tell me about questions they've been asked."

"We live in an area where we don’t really have access to mental health services. We will definitely be buying this book for our daughter, because it gives us the tools to talk about adoption together."

Adoptees Like Me book series

Dr. Chaitra is a licensed psychologist, international and transracial adoptee of color, and an adoptive parent. She specializes in providing mental health support focused on adoption, trauma, and racial identity work. Dr. Chaitra wishes that every single adopted person in the world could visit her therapy office and talk with her about what it’s like to be an adoptee, but because that’s not possible, she decided to invite everyone into her therapy room by creating the “Adoptees Like Me” book series to reach early readers at an age when school is relatively new.

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