"Adoptees Like Me" Books

A Special Series from Dr. Chaitra Wirta-Leiker

Adoptees Like Me book series

Where adoptee empowerment meets emotional support.

Have you ever wondered what therapy for adoptees looks like? Dr. Chaitra Wirta-Leiker is a psychologist, international and transracial adoptee of color, and adoptive parent who wishes that every single adopted person in the world could visit her therapy office and talk with her about what it’s like to be an adoptee, but because that’s not possible, she decided to invite everyone into her therapy room by creating the “Adoptees Like Me” illustrated book series for early elementary readers. In each story, learn what it's like to be in therapy with a professional who understands how it feels to be adopted, and gain insights and tools that the child and caregivers can take into their daily lives. The diverse characters, family situations, and topics in the series give every young adoptee a chance to see themselves represented, find their voice, and feel empowered.


Marie Discovers Her Superpowers

Marie Discovers Her Superpowers

by Dr. Chaitra Wirta-Leiker

The first book in the "Adoptees Like Me" series is here!

Who are the "Adoptees Like Me?"

You’ll get to know:

Marie in Adoptees Like Me


Marie (she/her) is a young Black adoptee being raised by a single mother. She loves arts, crafts and reading!
Meet her in
Marie Discovers Her Superpowers.

Casey in Adoptees Like Me

Casey (he/him) (he/him) is a young multiracial adoptee being raised by divorced parents. He loves singing, dancing, music, and fashion!
Expect to meet Casey in 
Casey Conquers Bedtime

Noah in Adoptees Like Me

Noah (he/him) is a young East Asian adoptee being raised by a mother and father. He loves riding his scooter, making comics, playing video games, and gardening! His first book will be titled Noah’s Family Tree.

Alex in Adoptees Like Me

Alex (they/them) is a young South American adoptee being raised by two moms. They love outer space, nature, and martial arts! Look for Alex in 
Alex Celebrates Differences

Mateo in Adoptees Like Me

Mateo (he/him) is a young Latinx adoptee being raised by his grandparents. He loves cooking and science!

Jess in Adoptees Like Me

Jess (she/her) is a young white adoptee being raised by two dads. She loves playing basketball in her wheelchair and swimming!

A note from Dr. Chaitra Wirta-Leiker:

I’m excited to work with Penny Weber on the Adoptees Like Me project, an amazing illustrator who is personally connected to the adoption community!

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