Casey Conquers Bedtime

Written by Dr. Chaitra Wirta-Leiker

Illustrated by Penny Weber

Casey doesn’t like bedtime. His parents introduce him to Dr. Chaitra, a transracial adoptee just like Casey, who explains how going to sleep and even waking up can bring up scary feelings for adopted kids. She helps Casey think about bedtime differently and combines a special story with his love of musical instruments to teach his brain and body that sleep is safe. Will Casey finally be able to conquer bedtime?

Paperback ISBN: 979-8-9869471-2-9
Ebook ISBN: 979-8-9869471-3-6

Editorial Reviews

"Every child who has experienced early trauma or loss needs this book. It is a gentle and clear guide not only for navigating bedtime, but for understanding trauma and how to overcome the messages it leaves in the body."

ELI HARWOOD, LPC, Founder of Attachment Nerd

"There are so many reasons bedtime battles have been an issue in my work as a therapist (and a mom). For kids who have experienced loss or trauma, there is often an extra layer! Find language, tools, and more in this honest, uplifting story. I especially love that the author shares her lived experience, helping adoptees both tap into their inner strength and know they are not alone."

JESSICA SINARSKI, author of Riley the Brave series and My Magic Backpack series

"Dr. Chaitra Wirta-Leiker has outlined the reasons many adoptees can be fearful of falling asleep. With a child-centric viewpoint, she has provided accessible tools to bring EMDR to bedtime. Sleep well, Casey! I wish I could have had access to a book like this when I was a child."

HALEY RADKE, founder of Adoptees On podcast

"In addition to its journey through a fellow adoptee’s bedtime fears and victories, we’ve been given a thoughtful, honest, and beautifully drawn story about the adoptee experience and our needs for community and connection. We could stop there and it would be enough! But Dr. Chaitra goes further in narrating adoptee-centered language, trauma-informed rapport, and the life-giving joy of being in the presence of someone who gets it. As a mental health practitioner, I’ll be leaning on Casey’s story and the series it represents as a go-to resource. And for anyone invested in the health and wellbeing of the adoptee collective, please don’t miss out on this glimpse into what’s possible when adoptees get to speak —and another is willing to listen."

CAM LEE SMALL, MS, LPCC, founder of Therapy Redeemed

"Sleep issues are common with many children and the consequences far-reaching for the entire family. In this book, Dr. Wirta-Leiker not only writes with compassion and understanding in a way that only she can write, but she also offers clear attachment-based neuroscience-informed solutions. I felt my own nervous system settling just reading her words in this remarkable book. Casey Conquers Bedtime is a vital resource for both parents and professionals and the children they work with. I can’t wait to see the next book in this outstanding and much needed series!"

KAREN DOYLE BUCKWALTER, LCSW, RPT-S, host of Attachment Theory in Action podcast

"Casey conquers bedtime with the help of a special therapist who understands the unique complexities of being adopted. Dr. Chaitra exquisitely helps Casey weave together a narrative about why bedtime is hard while collaborating with him to create a ritual that invites in feelings of safety. I'm so grateful to Dr. Chaitra for these Adoptee Like Me stories!"

ROBYN GOBBEL, child & play therapist, host of Parenting After Trauma podcast, author ofRaising Kids with Big, Baffling Behaviors: Brain-Body-Sensory Strategies that Really Work

A Personal Note To Parents (and Professionals)

Dear Parents (and Professionals) Like Me,

My lived experiences give me the benefit of a shared perspective with your child as an adoptee, with you as an adoptive parent, and with your child’s mental health provider as a professional. I want to use my insights to help you connect more effectively with the young adoptees in your life. I created a Parents (and Professionals) Like Me resource guide for each book as a tool to grow your knowledge of adoptee experiences and needs. These guides will help you build your vocabulary of adoption and emotional concepts, use language that supports developmentally appropriate conversations, and provide you with ideas for interactive activities to expand your confidence in navigating adoption-related situations.


Dr Chaitra
Parent Resource Guide for Casey Conquers Bedtime

Casey Conquers Bedtime
Parent Resource Guide (Free)

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Adoptees Like Me book series

Dr. Chaitra is a licensed psychologist, international and transracial adoptee of color, and an adoptive parent. She specializes in providing mental health support focused on adoption, trauma, and racial identity work. Dr. Chaitra wishes that every single adopted person in the world could visit her therapy office and talk with her about what it’s like to be an adoptee, but because that’s not possible, she decided to invite everyone into her therapy room by creating the “Adoptees Like Me” book series to reach early readers at an age when school is relatively new.

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